Rigol 2 Channel, 50 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Model DG2052

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The Rigol DG2000 is a two channel, arbitrary waveform generator built upon Rigol’s SiFi II technology. Available with a 50, 70 or 100 MHz bandwidth, the DG2000 features a per channel memory depth of 16 Mpts, with dual channel performance equivalent to two independent signal sources. Sample rates are up to 250 MSa/s with 16 bit vertical resolution.

The DG2000 contains 160 built in arbitrary waveforms, covering common signals found in engineering, medical, automotive and mathematic applications, and can be generated through an editing function, as well as PC software. The SiFi II architecture generates arbitrary waveforms point by point - the signal is recovered without distortion, sample rates are accurate and adjustable, and jitter of all output waveforms is as low as 200 ps.

The DG2000 builds upon the architecture of the previous DG900 series, adding features such as rack mount capability and greater network connectivity. It has the same core functional capabilities of the DG900, but with a more traditional user control system and rugged industrial housing. It contains a 4.3" TFT color touch screen, as well as several standard interfaces, includes USB host and device, and LAN.


  • Function / arbitrary waveform generator
  • Two channels / 50 MHz bandwidth
  • SiFi II 16Bit Resolution with 250MSa/s sampling for increased signal fidelity
  • Advanced generation capabilities like Dual-Tone, Harmonics, and Sequencing
  • Communication traffic generation with integrated PRBS and RS232 patterns
  • Analog and digital modulations
  • 160 built in waveforms
  • A next Gen Touch UI combined with traditional button functions
  • 16Mpt deep memory for long complex arbitrary waves
  • Integrated LAN connectivity
  • Rack-mountable and rugged industrial mechanical design