Rigol DS1074Z-S Plus 70 MHz Digital Oscilloscope with 4 Channels and 16 Digital Channels + 25 MHz Bandwidth with 2 Signal Source Channels


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The DS1074Z-S Plus is a high quality 4 channel 70 MHz oscilloscope. Since it is an "S" model, it comes with a built in 2 channel 25 MHz signal generator. This scope also includes a 7" WVGA intensity graded color display for easy viewing. The DS1074Z-S Plus features an easily accessible source control button and 4 easy to access analog channel ports. With an industry leading 12 Mpts memory (upgradeable to 24 Mpts) and a waveform capture rate of up to 30,000 wfms/s, the DS1074Z-S Plus is a great solution for nearly any application.


  • 4 Channels, 70 MHz + 25 MHz Bandwidth and 16 digital channels
  • Built in 2 Channel Waveform Generator
  • Now includes FREE software bundle BND-MSO/DS1000Z built into the unit
  • UltraVision: Deeper memory 24Mpts included
  • UltraVision: Up to 30,000 wfms/s Waveform capture rate
  • UltraVision: Multi-Level intensity grading display
  • UltraVision: Realtime waveform record, Replay, function included
  • A variety of Math Functions
  • FFT function
  • A variety of Trigger Functions
  • Serial Bus Triggering and Decoding functions(RS232, I2C, SPI) Included
  • Digital Logic Connector for optional MSO upgrade: RPL1116
  • Standard Mask test function
  • Automatic Measurements with Statistics