Vanco HDMI 1 x 4 Splitter/Extender (280704)

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This HDMI 1x4 Splitter/Extender allows one HDTV audio/video device (digital cable box, DVD player) with a HDMI output to be connected to up to four HDTV display devices (HDTV, LCD projector) with HDMI inputs. High Definition Multi-Media Interface (HDMI) carries uncompressed digital video and audio signals on one cable from a digital source to a display device. This provides the best detail, truest color and sound, and highest resolution. This splitter/extender is ideal for home theater, conferences, conventions, restaurants, schools, and corporate training and presentations. Use this as an extender by placing it at the end of a long HDMI cable to regenerate the HDMI signal. This splitter/extender distributes clean and superior digital audio and video signals to up to four HDTV sources with zero signal loss, allows simultaneous display and is H.D.C.P. (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliant. It supports high definition resolutions 1080p, 1080i. 720p and standard video format, as well as computer resolutions UXGA (1600x1200), SXGA (1280x1024), XGA (1024x768), SVGA (800x600), VGA (640x480). This HDMI splitter/extender features an active HDMI signal LED indicator light, one loop back port, 1 input to 4 outputs and 1.65 Gbps video amplifier bandwidth. The extender has a total transmitting range of 1080p/1080i/720p for 100 feet total length. It measures 8.5" wide x 4.5" high x 1" deep.


  • Allows 1 HDMI source to be displayed on up to 4 HDMI displays
  • Features EDID management which supports default HDMI EDID options or has the ability to copy the EDID of any display connected to the source for any “handshake” issues
  • Supports 4K2K (2160p @30) Ultra High Definition resolution
  • Full high definition resolution support: 2160p- 1080p- 1080i- 720p and other standard video formats
  • Fully cascadable so multiple units may be combined to create an expanded distribution system
  • Supports HDMI 36bit Deep Color and 3D
  • Supports standard audio- DSD audio and HD (HBR) audio- 7.1 and 5.1 surround audio- Dolby digital -Dolby True HD- DTS- and DTS Master audio
  • Features dual band Super IR system for controlling source from any display connected (HDMI IR adapters (Part # 280703) and IR transmitters and receivers are sold separately (Part #s 280720- 280721))
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Power Supply: DC 5V
  • Dimensions: 4.4” (111mm) W x .9” (23.5mm) H x 3” (75mm) D