Weller Chisel Soldering Tip 6.4mm for WLIR60, 3 Tips per Pack (WLTCH6IR60)

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  • 3 Pack Chisel 6.4mm soldering tips — delivers heat to solder joints greater than 6.4mm on PCBs and can also be used for general soldering tasks
  • Compatible with: WLIR6012A, WLIR6023C, WLIR6023G, WLIR6023I, WLIR6023M, WLIRK6012A, WLIRK6023C, WLIRK6023G, WLIRK6023I, WLIRK6023M, and WLSK6012HD
  • Applications: Join wires (<8AWG), small appliances, model railroads, audio components, electronic repair, automotive, marine, hobby kits, jewelry, and crafts
  • Easy tip change: Tip is easy to remove and replace by turning the screw on side of heater, ensures secure placement of tip into heater for optimal performance