Weller Screwdriver Soldering Tip (WLTS24IR60) 2.4 mm for WLIR60, 3 Pack

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Screwdriver 2.4 mm Tip for WLIR60 Weller's Soldering Iron. The tip is easy to replace and is perfect for your electronic soldering tasks. Solder skillfully and condently with Weller's 60W Soldering Iron with LED Halo Ring™. With its 360 degree illumination, ergonomic molded pencil grip handle, easy-to-change tips, and integrated safety rest, it's the perfect high-quality and versatile soldering iron for all your soldering needs.

  • Screwdriver 2.4 mm Tip: Screwdriver 2.4 mm tip helps deliver heat to solder joints greater than 2.4 mm on PCBs and can also be used for general soldering tasks
  • Length: 52.3mm
  • 3 Pack
  • Compatable with: WLIR6012A, WLIR6023C, WLIR6023G, WLIR6023I, WLIR6023M, WLIRK6012A, WLIRK6023C, WLIRK6023G, WLIRK6023I, WLIRK6023M, and WLSK6012HD
  • Applications: Join wires (<8AWG), small appliances, model railroads, audio components, electronic repair, automotive, marine, hobby kits, jewelry, and crafts
  • Easy tip change: Tip is easy to remove and replace by turning the screw on side of heater, ensures secure placement of tip into heater for optimal performance