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USB Type "A" Male to Mini USB Type "B" Male Cable 2.0, 6 Feet Length, Black Color, 28AWG

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To enhance the cable's overall performance and minimize interference, it is shielded using both braid and foil shields. This shielding technology provides protection against electromagnetic interference, reducing signal degradation and ensuring a stable and reliable connection. The cable's length provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to comfortably connect your devices even if they are situated at a distance. Whether you need to transfer files, sync data, or charge your devices, this cable offers the length you need for hassle‑free connectivity. The USB‑A to Mini‑B 2.0 Cable is designed to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring compatibility and reliability. Rest assured that your data will be transferred securely and efficiently each time you connect your devices.

  • USB Type "A" Male to Mini USB Type "B" Male Cable
  • 6 Feet Length
  • 28AWG
  • Color: Black