Weller WXD2010N - Two Channel Soldering / Desoldering Station with WXDP120

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The Weller WXD2010N is a two channel soldering and desoldering station with digital controls, capable of powering one 200 watt, or two 120 watt tools simultaneously. As part of the WX family, the WXD2010N is compatible with many WX handpieces and peripherals, making it easily customized to your particular application. Please note, the WXD2010N does not contain an electric pump - it requires an external source of compressed air for the vacuum function to operate. If you do not have shop air in your facility, please see the WXR3N three channel rework station.

On screen menus are easily navigated through a capacitive touch screen. Made of real glass, the screen is anti-static, temperature resistant and simplifies station usage. A turn and click wheel with confirm button also allows for very intuitive and fast operation.

The WX series was designed for ease of use. Irons contain a visual indicator letting operators know when their tool is ready to use. If the handle’s LED is blinking, the device is in standby or heating up. When the light is on, the tip is ready to use. In addition, WX tools contain a motion sensor, so that they only turn on when in use, and go into standby when placed in the stand.


  • Two channel soldering / desoldering station
  • Can power one 200 watt, or two 120 watt tools simultaneously
  • Requires external source of compressed air to operate
  • Includes WXDP120 desoldering iron
  • Can use two styles of nozzle:
    • Standard - XDS series
    • Stainless steel - XDSL series
  • Compatible with WX tools
  • Easy to use, capacitive touch screen
  • Large, easy to see graphic LCD
  • Multi-purpose USB port for configuration and data logging
  • Temperature stability of ±4°F
  • Temperature accuracy of ±17°F