Weller 25-Watt/120-Volt Corded Woodburning Soldering Iron Kit (15 Piece Set)

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The Weller WLIWBK2512A 15-piece Woodburning Project Kit inspires creativity with everything you need to begin your journey as a woodburning hobbyist. The Weller Short-Barrel Woodburning Iron's reduced tip-to-grip distance allows for improved accuracy and precision and can be used on a variety of woods and leather. This kit comes with a wide variety of tips for all your woodburning project needs whether for burning, cutting, branding or embossing.

  • Woodburning iron with 1 soldering, 3 branding and 6 woodburning tips inspires creativity to begin your journey as a woodburning hobbyist
  • Improved comfort and operator safety ensured with stay-cool handle
  • Improved accuracy in tasks with reduced tip-to-grip distance
  • Deflects heat away from your hand, allowing a comfortable woodburning experience
  • On-board rest holds iron when not in use, reducing the risk of injury or damage to your workspace
  • Easily replace worn tips or change tip applications
  • Ideal for both woodworking and leather embossing